Alucushion Reflective Foil Insulations


Alucushion is manufactured by a continuous lamination process of low density polyethylene and aluminium foil with sealed bubbles of air between the two outer laminates. The thousands of individually celled air bubbles created during the manufacturing process, form a column of immobilised dry air, effectively countering heat loss through convection and conduction. Add to this the low emissivity and high reflectivity of the aluminium foil surface, and it’s advantages as a heat transfer barrier become obvious.

Both Alucushion 2906 and Alucushion 1983 have been tested in accordance with SANS 1381 part 4,
SANS 10177 and SANS 428.

Alucushion 2906 Fire Performance Classification: B/B1/2/H only (SP).

Alucushion 1983 Fire Performance Classification: B/B1/2/H only (SP).


Alucushion 2906 (Single Sided)

Alucushion 1983 (Double-Sided)

Alucushion Residential Fixing / Installation Instructions

Alucushion Industrial Fixing / Installation Instructions