Composite Bulk Insulation

Some insulation products use a combination of bulk insulation and reflective foil to achieve their insulating effect; this is known as composite bulk insulation. Examples include foil bonded to bulk insulation, whether blankets, batts or boards, i.e. foil faced blankets, foil faced batts and foil faced boards.

We supply the following composite bulk insulation products


Factorylite is an effective commercial & industrial roofing insulation which is widely used in buildings without ceilings to create a comfortable environment. It is manufactured from high quality non-combustible glasswool with an inert binder, which makes the product lightweight, safe and resilient. Factorylite is faced on one side with either an ASTM E84 approved reinforced foil, white metalized foil or black metalized foil.

Factorylite Product Specifications

Factorylite Fixing / Installation Instructions

Starlite Insulation

Starlite Insulation consists of rolls of insulation manufactured from stable glass fibres bounded with an inert acrylic thermosetting resin to form a light-weight, strong, resilient and highly thermally effective product.

Starlite Insulation Product Specifications

Starlite Insulation Fixing / Installation Instructions

Alutherm AT (Polyester Fibre)

Alutherm is a flexible, heavy duty bulk insulation material consisting of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm Polyester Fibre laminated to a 4mm white bubble layer on one side and a reflective foil on the other side.

Alutherm Polyester Fibre Product Specifications

Alutherm Polyester Fibre Fixing / Installation Instructions