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Installation Guid 


A wood saw, tape measure and a balancing plank (to
prevent ceiling damage).


1. Measure the distance between the timber
    roof trusses.
2. Cut the Aerolite while still in the bag to the
     correct width to snugly fit the space between
     the roof trusses.
3. Roll out the Aerolite between the roof
     trusses on top of the ceiling.
4. It is advisable to lay the Aerolite
     underneath any wiring and to cut around any down
     lights to prevent overheating of light fitting.
5. Wrap off-cuts around pipes to prevent them
     freezing in winter.

WARNING: Be careful not to step onto the ceiling
board as you may damage the board or fall through
the ceiling.


Store product under cover and in dry conditions.
Store flat. Handle with care, especially on the edges
and corners, which can be damaged if subject to
sharp or heavy impact. Do not apply excessive
pressure, for example by standing or sitting on the
product, as permanent damage may be caused


Install (50/75/100/115/135)mm thick flexible noncombustible
lightweight “Aerolite” insulation material
between the roof trusses and over brandering/purlins
in a completed roof and ceiling system. Installation
strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s detail
and specification.