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Alulite® 4040

Architectural Specification:
4mm Alulite® 4040, bubble product faced both sides with foil.
Domestic Product.

Advanced Benefits and Features of Alulite® 4040

 Non Toxic.
 Non Carcinogenic.
 Does not attract rodents
 Has no fibres
 Easy to install – No safety equipment needed during installation.
 Reduces Dust penetration.
 Resists radiant heat flow
 High reflectivity and Low emissivity
 Excellent barrier for downward heat flow (Summer)
 Moderate barrier for upward heat flow due to air bubble (Winter)
 Less heating and cooling needed therefore saving on Electricity

 Waterproof


 For domestic applications only.
 No wire needed
 Can be stapled

Thermal Property Values:

Tested at the SABS in accordance with SANS 8301:2010
Product was tested with air gaps of 40mm at the top (Hot side) and 60mm at
the bottom (Cold side).
Thermal Resistance “R” (m²K)/W: 1.58
Thermal Conductivity “K” W/m.K: 0.063

Quality Management System:
Africa Thermal Insulations products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System.

FTC 16/083 Alulite® (Domestic) – B/B1/2.


Transportation and Care

To ensure that ALULITE® remains in pristine condition, the rolls must be transported in
a suitable, fully enclosed truck. They should also be stored under cover to protect them
from direct sunlight and rain. Rolls should be stacked on their sides. Africa Thermal
Insulations cannot accept any claim for replacement for material if the above instructions
are not adhered to.