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Thermally Bonded Polyester Insulation
Platinum Fibre’s Fabufill polyester insulation is a versatile, easy to install, flexible, strong, lightweight blanket and is manufactured from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles. Produced in a range of different thickness to provide a myriad of thermal and acoustic performances. This non-allergenic, non-irritant and resilient insulation does not support the spread of flame, (Class B/B1/2 fire rating) and is the only polyester insulation available in the marketplace with the SABS mark.

Used in roofs, ceilings, partitions and walls and is manufactured in widths to suit standard spacings of studs, ceiling and floor joists.
After its use, Fabufill’s polyester insulation can be easily recycled, making this the perfect ‘cradle to grave’ insulation product.


Thickness (mm):                                Minimum 75mm (Allow up to 30 days for full recovery of loft).

Roll dimensions (l x w):                     10.0 (l) x 0.60 OR 0.75 OR 1.2 (w) metres (tolerance +25mm and -10mm).

Density:                                              10.1 kg/m3 (determined in accordance with ASTMC167).

Weight:                                               750 gm/m² (tolerance +/- 10%).

Fibre composition:                             80% recycled PET (locally sourced) & 20% virgin LMF.


R-Value:                                             1.42 – 1.69 m2.K/W (determined in accordance with                                                               ASTM C517).

Fire:                                                   B/B1/2/H (determined in accordance with SANS 428)

Non-Flammable:                                Will not contribute to the spreading of flame and will                                                               self-extinguish when a heat source is removed.

Combustibility Data:                          Combustible at over 750 degrees (determined in                                                                     accordance with SANS 10177-8)


SABS Mark:                                       SABS approved to SANS 1381-1:2007 Materials for Thermal                                                                                                                                  Insulation of Buildings 

Part 1:                                               Fibre Thermal Insulation Mats.

Permit Number:                                9486/15037.

TIPSASA:                                          TIPSASA focuses on the Thermal Insulation Industry with                                                                                                                                      particular emphasis on energy efficient products and systems.


Ozone depleting substances:          Does not contain and did not produce any during production. No VOC’s are used during
                                                         the production of this material.

Recycling:                                        1 ton of Fabufill’s polyester insulation is manufactured from approximately 38 000 recycled bottles. The                                                           plastic bags used for transporting the material are made from virgin LDPE material and is 100%                                                                         recyclable, Grade 4. The inks used in the packaging are food grade.



Fabufill thermally bonded polyester insulation Roll, thermal and acoustic insulation
installed between trusses, joists, studs or above suspended ceilings, SABS approved to
SANS 1381-1:2007, non-combustible to SANS 10177-8 and B/B1/2/H to SANS 428.
Compression packed.



Fabufill does not physically deteriorate over time and does not require any maintenance.
Properties are such that the material will not be damaged during normal handling and installations.

Fungal Attack:

Fabufill has good resistance to bacteria, fungi and mildew, and fibre-devouring insects will
not damage Fabufill polyester insulation since it is indigestible (tested in accordance with SANS 5484.)

Moisture Absorption: 0.78% (SANS 1381-1:2013 allows up to 2%)