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Installation Methodology

Handeling and Storage

Store undercover, and in dry conditions. Handle with care, especially on the edges and corners,
which can be damaged if subject to sharp impact. Do not apply excessive pressure, for example by
standing or sitting on the product, as permanent damage may be caused.

NB: Factorylite should not be installed in applications where the facing material is exposed to direct
or indirect Ultraviolet radiation..

Step 1:

  • Install straining wires at 300mm
    centres. Avoid over tensioning of
    straining wires to facilitate
    insulation thickness recovery
    between purlins.
  •  Using the G-clamp affix Factorylite
    roll at the apex.
  • Unroll the blanket over top of
    straining wires taking out any slack..

Step 2:

  • Using the G-clamp affix Factorylite
    roll at the bottom purlin.

Step 3: 

  • To join the blankets fold-up the
    overlapping facing edges and
    staple. Fold the facing over and
    staple again

Step 4:

  • Fix the roof sheeting to the purlins
    through the Factorylite
  • Once Factorylite is fixed in position,
    replace G-Clamps by fixing hoop
    iron to top and bottom purlins to
    hold Factorylite in position.

Note: For insulation of 75mm, 100mm
and 135mm thick insulation, spacer
blocks should be installed on top of
purlin to allow for insulation recovery to
nominal thickness. Please consult roof
system manufacturer for spacer detail.

Step 5: 

  • The spacers allow Factorylite to
    “pillow out” between the purlins.