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Product Function:

Sisalation Fireshield has 2 basic properties in one. It serves as both a shield against the spread of fires and acts as a barrier against radiant heat. It therefore keeps the building comfortable whilst at the same time keeping the building occupants safe. Sisalation Fireshield not only prevents heat from outside the building from entering but also traps heat inside during the winter months, reducing the need  to generate heat.

Product Durability

Resistance to Acids and Alkalis:

Sisalation® must not be used in contact with wet concrete or exposed continuously to corrosive environments.

Resistance to Copper:

Sisalation® must not come into contact with copper surfaces, due to electrolytic action.


Excellent in normal building applications, however extended direct outdoor exposure is not recommended. Should unusual conditions exist, the suitability of the material should be estimated by contacting a representative of the company.   

Temperature Control: 

Sisalation® has proved effective and beneficial in building in the comfort factor, keeping the home and workplace cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This increases the productivity of workers in factories and industrial and commercial buildings

Dust Proof:

Keeping the building as dust free as possible can be an important factor in reducing allergens in the air we breathe, thus reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Vapour Barrier:

Sisalation ® prevents moisture being introduced into the ceiling by outside weather conditions such as rain, humidity or condensation


Easy to install Sisalation® is maintenance free and long-lasting. Used as an exposed roof lining, lighting is greatly improved due to the foil’s high reflectivity. And, because Sisalation® saves money through reduced electricity usage it will pay for itself… over and over again!.


The use of Sisalation® will impact positively on the environment. It helps reduce environmental pollution and the consumption of natural resources and also reduces noise pollution. Not only does it reduce greenhouse gas emissions it also contains no ozone depleting substances.