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Sisalation® 405 is a light grammage, durable, double sided reflective foil laminate incorporating layers of aluminium foil, high strength kraft paper and reinforcing scrim bonded together with a binder.

This residential grade is ideally suited for insulating homes and town houses and it is also an excellent dust and vapour barrier.

Temperature Control:

Sisalation® has proved effective and beneficial in building in the comfort
factor, keeping the home and workplace cooler in summer
and warmer in winter. This increases the productivity of
workers in factories and industrial and commercial buildings

Dust Proof:

Keeping the building as dust free as possible can be an important factor in reducing allergens in the air we breathe, thus reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.




Vapour Barrier: 

Sisalation® prevents moisture
being introduced into the ceiling by outside
weather conditions such as rain, humidity or condensation





Easy to install Sisalation® is
maintenance free and long-lasting. Used as an
exposed roof lining, lighting is greatly improved due to the foil’s
high reflectivity. And, because Sisalation® saves money through
reduced electricity usage it will pay for itself… over and over again!.


The use of Sisalation®
will impact positively on the environment. It
helps reduce environmental pollution and the consumption
of natural resources and also reduces noise pollution. Not
only does it reduce greenhouse gas emissions it also contains
no ozone depleting substances.