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Sisalation Insulation Materials

New Product 


Sisalation FiRESHiELD NC 502 ( D/S) and NC 501 ( S/S)

( Non Combustible A/A1/1/H&V/SP&USP)

Statistics prove that losses due to fire are a very real risk and that billions go up in smoke every year. By installing new Sisalation Fireshield non-combustible radiant barrier products, the first and only of their kind in South Africa, the risk is greatly reduced.

SANS 10177 fire test have classified Sisalation Fireshield as a Class A/A1/1/H&V (SP&USP) product, which means that Sisalation Fireshield will be the preferred choice of insurance companies.

Sisalation 405

Sisalation 405 is a double sided multi-purpose light grammage insulation product that is ideally suited for insulating, waterproofing and dustproofing of residential homes, town houses, shopping malls, commercial premises, clinics and schools. Tested in accordance with SABS 1381-4:2009, SANS 10177 and SANS 428.          Fire Classification: B/B1/2/H only.s.

Sisalation FR 405

Sisalation® FR 405 is an economical, durable, double sided, reflective foil laminate incorporating advanced fire retardant properties.

Sisalation FR 430

Developed using the latest adhesive laminating technology this top quality fire retardant product is ideal for insulating industrial and commercial buildings. Sisalation FR 430 is suitable for use in industrial and commercial buildings as an underroof and side cladding insulation membrane, with and without sprinklers, in accordance with SANS 10400 Part T. The material has been tested in accordance with SANS 1381-4:2009, SANS 10177, SANS 428 and ASTM E84.
Fire performance classification: B/B1/2/H&V (with or without sprinklers).
ASTM E84: Class 1 .

(Sisalation 420 has been discontinued and replaced with Sisalation FR430