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Galvanised Wire

1.6mm Lightly galvanised wire. A coil of wire is approximately 1500 meters long and weighs 25kg per coil of wire. Galvanised wire is also available in 12.5kg coils (approximately 750 meters long).

Galvanised wire is used under Sisalation 405, Sisalation FR405, Sisalation FR430, Foil Back Insulation (F.B.I.) and Factorylite.

White and Black Plastic Coated Wire

1.60mm Lightly galvanised wire core, coated to 2.30mm thickness in white and black . A full coil of wire is approximately 1250 meters long and weighs 25 kg and half a coil of wire is approximately 625 meters long and weighs 12.5 kg .
White plastic coated wire is used under Alububble and Alucushion.